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We all have ‘morning routines’, and while for some people it can be a totally random set of actions they complete without thought, for many, the first part of the day is the most critical.

My parents were highly organized people for whom pretty much every minute of every day was scheduled, so that whatever was planned got done.

Because of this, the mornings started the night before and whatever was required the following day (homework assignments, sports equipment, musical instruments) were put in bags or by the door ready to go. The breakfast table was laid, and clothes were selected and hung up ready so that the day ahead started well and without any hitches.

Even now, many years later, I follow pretty much the same routine and get all my ‘stuff’ ready the night before, especially my training gear, which could be my bike ready in the front hallway, swim bag ready to go, running clothes all laid out in the bathroom and drinks bottles filled and in the fridge.

Not only does this make the transition from bed to out the door easier, it also inspires me to do the exercise I had planned and not quit and go back to bed, because then I would have to take the ‘walk of shame’ and put everything away unused.

What’s your ‘morning routine’ and does it enable you to get a good start on the day, or does it make you less efficient?

For more information on Morning Routines, check out this podcast by Dr. Kevin Sprouse, Team Doctor to the EF Education First World Tour Pro Cycling Team, in which he discusses the processes different people follow and which includes interviews with notable elite athletes and business leaders: