For Individuals

Do you find it a constant struggle to do your best work?

Do you sometimes wonder where to start, or what to do next?

At the end of the day do you sometimes feel like you didn’t achieve much, have more to do than when you started, or just go home feeling frustrated?

At PWC we recognize that modern professionals face many challenges. Our signature programs below offer real solutions in a motivational environment.

The PWC Time Master program is designed to ensure all our participants become more efficient in all areas of their business, use their time better, and reduce negative stress.

‘I wish they would increase my sales targets – right now selling is just TOO easy!’ said no sales rep ever. Are YOU finding it a constant struggle to complete all your sales activity in a manner that ensures you are constantly exceeding your sales goals?

Gathering and qualifying leads, making appointments, delivering compelling sales presentations, closing the deal …… are you succeeding in all these areas?

Not only will PWC Sales Pro increase your effectiveness in sales, but also develop your abilities in areas such as effective time management, communication, strategic thinking and more.

While both Time Master and Sales Pro programs include personal coaching, you can also choose 1:1 coaching with an executive veteran who will motivate and support you to increase your professional skills.