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A life-changing online program for the busy professional to help you work distraction-free in order to spend more time doing the activities you enjoy, with the people you love.

Is this your life:

  • Is it becoming more and more difficult to get your work done without being distracted?

  • Do other people, emails, social media notifications, chat, Slack get in the way of your work?

  • Have you tried to block off time, close the door, tell people not to disturb you, but they didn’t seem to take any notice?

  • Do emails and phone notifications constantly distract you?

Would you prefer to:

  • Discover the joy of working in a distraction-free environment

  • Complete your tasks efficiently, to the highest standard & achieve better results

  • Become more effective in your work overall and feel good at the end of the day

  • Increase your quality of life by setting healthy boundaries and enjoy gold medal-winning weeks.

Why enroll in the Distraction Freedom program?

You may say to yourself, “I have enough on my plate as it is, I really don’t need another distraction from my work right now!”

Fair enough, but just think of what Distraction Freedom offers you: the creation of a Focus Zone system designed specifically to support your lifestyle by overcoming your unique challenges, in just 8 weeks. Distraction Freedom is jet fuel for an optimized personal and professional life.

People have also said, “I can probably fix this myself”: then why haven’t they done it already? What are they waiting for? Are you able to coach yourself or do you want a professional coach and accountability with a proven program?

​Each lesson we dig deeper into specific aspects of creating your Focus Zone system. Over the course of the program you will have time to consider how to apply the skills and share successes and challenges with your cohort who share the same goals. You will also have the opportunity to fully implement your system, then report back on how it went and gather feedback on moving forward and its application to your working routines.

​As a graduate, you will be empowered to do profound work efficiently with a meditative mindset. Your Focus Zone is where your unique brilliance shines the brightest, offering tremendous satisfaction and gold medal-winning weeks.

This program includes group and one-on-one tuition and coaching with personal sessions that allow for individuals to make significant changes to their lifestyle in order to spend more time doing activities they enjoy with the people they love.

Fill out the form below for information on how to enroll in the Distraction Freedom program and start taking back control of your own life.